Friday, May 6, 2016

Does the removal of a building to make it a parking lot count as open space?

It's beginning to look clearer as to what might occupy the footprint of the former Media McDonald's location.  Perhaps not crystal clear just yet, but the purchaser, and developer of Jefferson Square is rumored to be keeping the space as a parking lot.

I suppose those plans might be better than another restaurant, but it also might be a good opportunity for the Media Farmers market to look into.  Who knows, maybe out of good faith towards the community, the developer might consider such a gesture (a couple hours on a Thursday) to help the cause.  Especially since Jefferson square already has allotted parking and the new lot would most likely only be for eventual overflow.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds wonderful that the Condo developer would allow this space to be additional parking space for his houses. And yes, it would be a great place for the MEDIA FARMER'S market to congregate on THURSDAY and become a larger market with more space.