Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Media Borough Approves Door-to-Door Canvassing for Penn Environment and Comerce Energy

**** UPDATE 5/3/16 8:15pm ***  I've sent an email to the borough manager requesting the solicitation permit be revoked immediately for Commerce Energy based on complaints from the community and actions/experiences by other municipalities.

Media Borough Officials didn't do their due diligence when approving solicitor Commerce Energy.  Last month Brookhaven PD revoked the solicitation permit for this company.



  1. I personally do not like anyone soliciting at my door!

  2. Nether Providence code says even permitted solicitors are not allowed to knock if you have "NO SOLICITORS INVITED" prominently displayed in 2-inch letters. Does the Borough have similar code?

  3. No solicitors means just that
    If council can't enforce their own code
    It's a big problem

  4. Took all of 2 minutes of "research" to find out that Commerce Energy is welcomed in a lot of areas, here's one example: http://www.bbb.org/greater-maryland/migration/bbb-news-releases/2013/01/consumer-complaints-on-commerce-energy-/

    Thanks Media Borough

  5. This council seems to have a problem enforcing many of the borough codes specific examples are a plenty when speaking with code enforcement it was suggested that "maybe I should contact an attorney ?"