Monday, May 9, 2016

Soliciting may be okay for the rest of Media, but not where Mayor McMahon lives

Oakmont Place where Mayor McMahon Lives

Interesting that Mayor McMahon did nothing to address a solicitor coming to Media that has a history of strong-armed sales tactics, yet where he lives, door-to-door solicitations are prohibited.

Brookhaven PD recently revoked Commerce Energy's door-to-door permit just last month.  This month they are expected to be in Media after a request was denied by Media Borough to revoke their permit.


  1. When was the "No solicitors" sign added? It's not there in the google maps street view, but that doesn't mean it just happened.

  2. I agree with your point but that sign is probably on private property, likely installed by an HOA.

  3. Let's make sure all green energy marketing companies solicit oakmont

  4. So anyone can post a 'no solicitation' sign and violators would charged with trespassing?

    1. Privately posted signs can legally keep solicitors off your property.

  5. I work from home and got fed up being constantly interrupted by door-to-door salespeople, election workers, survey takers, etc. So I posted a not-very-subtle "No Soliciting Under Any Circumstances EVER" sign next to my doorbell. Problem solved. That was about six years ago and I can count on one hand the number of times people have been stupid enough to disregard the sign.

  6. BBB I believe is impartial the mayor and his council shouldn't ignore BBB when it comes to this soliciting issue