Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Upper Providence, looks like you'll be getting a brand new Wawa too!

I'm still getting further confirmation and not sure even if the ink is dry, but I've received word that Wawa may have just bought the Campbell's Boathouse site that's been on the market for quite sometime.

Looks like the deal included the current Wawa building, the Campbell's boathouse building and an adjacent residential home to the left of the boathouse.

This presents an interesting scenario for Media/Upper Providence, as Media's brand new Wawa is well underway and is expected to be completed this December.  Perhaps it was the right opportunity for Wawa, but I also know they wouldn't have wanted Royal Farms to snatch-up this footprint.  I have no idea if Royal Farms had any designs on this property, but Royal Farms have begun to pop-up in Delaware County.

They are not kidding when they say, "Gotta Have Wawa"

Here was the listing for the property that's been on the market for a few months.


  1. It makes a ton of sense. When I lived in Middletown, I drove to work down the bypass. I used to get off and grab gas at the Sunoco, and hit the Wawa as well. The gas stations on 352 and Glen Riddle were so outrageously expensive, I refused to go there (typically $0.15-$0.20 more than other stations). Once finished, I would be back on the bypass and heading to 476 again.

  2. When looking from Providence Road onto the Boat House, the house you are talking about is on the left of the Boat House. Unless you are talking about the Campbell's garage.

  3. Wawa now appears willing to capture (interrupt)traffic at two major corners in Media. This can't be good for the local commute. Wawa's traffic expert claims they only attract the traffic that would have been driving by - EXCEPT they rely on cars to STOP and get in and out of their parking lot. Why doesn't Wawa give gas discounts for multiple coffee or sandwich purchases? Do they sell fair trade coffee or exploit children? BREW YOUR OWN COFFEE.

  4. This report has been denied by the owners of The Boat House

  5. Isn't the Boathouse property and the house/Wawa property owned by different people?

  6. Is the Boathouse still open for business? I haven't been there for over a year

    1. The Boathouse is still open for business for the foreseeable future

  7. This is simply ludicrous. I'm officially forming the "FRiends Of the BoathouSe" (FROBS for short). Our goal will be to turn the Boathouse into a greenway! Also, we're going to force those evil Broomall's lake people to drain their lake and kill off the wildlife!!!

    Vote FROBS-endorsed candidates, people!

  8. You will have plenty of time to plan your new organization while you're stuck in traffic. You could leaflet the cars in front and behind you - they will not be moving. Not certain what this has to do with lake?