Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Interesting perspective on traffic studies and who actually pays for them. Is Media, PA putting too much faith in studies commissioned by developers?


  1. Did a crosswalk over Baltimore Pike ever
    been discussed, their will be many people crossing Baltimore pike to go to the eatery
    Across the street ?

  2. While I have some concern over the traffic effects of this development I have even more concern over the traffic effects of the 16-pump gas station Wawa at 252 and Baltimore Pike. Since both are now going forward I guess time will tell.

  3. Open 3rd st bridge and the traffic should ease a bit at least on Baltimore pike......

    1. The option of frustrated drivers zig-zagging off the Pike, past a park entrance and through a quiet neighborhood is not the solution here, folks ....

  4. The density and location of this development is as good as you can get, per capita, in terms of traffic impact. Residents will be able to walk to most everything, including the train station. It is the development over in Middletown that weill be pumping cars into Media.

  5. Engineers are paid to maximize the positives, while minimizing negatives. The definition of positive and negative and the thresholds for trade-offs are part of the specs the engineers are given at the start. If the engineer is told, "we want to guarantee traffic flows, and pedestrian access needs to simply meet code" THEN you get what the article cites. If the engineers are told they should consider pedestrian and bicycle traffic to be AS important as motor vehicles, then you get designs with wide cross-walks, pedestrian islands, and bike lanes. Oh, and you may have to wait in your car a bit longer, because minimizing your commute wasn't the only concern.

    Why are engineers blamed because they give the customer what they ask for, and not what they really need. The article is simply arm-chair quarterbacking. It all boils down to, "Those engineers back then didn't consider what is important to me right now." No kidding, they're engineers not prophets.

  6. When is the mayors term up he'll get some credit but all the blame for the congestion and ignoring any public concerns when it comes to dealing with these developers how much escrow money Are they putting up ?