Monday, August 29, 2016

Nice Job by Quincy's on State Street

Nice Job by Quincy's on State Street

By Kath T.

Today my heart is happy yet again by another Media store, Quincey's. Stores like these are challenging for my son, but he was in search for "the perfect gift for Mom." Braeden went into the store to browse and quickly became distracted & frustrated. To my surprise, he saw one of the store employees and said "excuse me ma'm, can you help me find a gift for my mom, it's a surprise for her birthday." If the tears weren't already wallowing in my eyes, in the next moments to follow they would. The employee- who I now know as Sherry, helped my son find the perfect gift- together they gift wrapped it and Braeden paid with a smile. Everything came full circle when we sat at bittersweet kitchen to open my perfect gift! Months ago BSK did the exact same thing that Quincey's did today. Most would call this, 'a small act of kindness', but the impact it's has on my son with autism- makes it anything but small and gave me a heart-full of hope.

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  1. What a great story from our community. Kudos to Quincys and Bittersweet Kitchen!