Sunday, October 30, 2016

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Three people this week asked why I no longer do Media in Two minutes anymore, which is an uptick of the usual one or two a week that ask me the same question.  I haven't done the segment in months. Three reasons: 1) My other project expanded to 70 universities across the nation.  2) I'm away most weekends in the Summer/Fall. 3) I got tired of the format and wanted to change it up (I still might).

But, here we are today and at least for the rest of the year, I hope to have Media in Two minutes posted each Sunday.  Why? The people who like this Sunday tradition have re-inspired me.  Maybe someday even a video program, which I've been approached to do and am thinking about it.  We'll see.

Ok, back at it.  Here we go with the most important "Two Minutes" on Media, PA

Media Restaurant Sales - Up or Down?
Media Restaurant Sales - Is there enough to go around?
Just two weeks ago a well known, and long time restauranteur came up to me to explain that his sales were down by 20%.  I causally take note as I hear this from time to time.  I'm interested to know if other eateries are seeing a upswing or downswing in sales from last year.  If anything, that information may be of importance to those businesses that read this blog.  Another restaurant owner said he thought his were down, but not by 20%.

West End Flats/Walk
If you think the West End of Media (W. Baltimore Ave.) is torn up and a hassle to get through now, just wait until production of these properties really starts to get going.  I'll have more information on that later.

Election Polls in Media - NOV 8TH
If you have the time, please consider volunteering at your local polling place this election year.  This facilities are woefully understaffed and struggle to open due to lack of help.  Some of these positions are "paid positions" and training is provided.  Any effort helps and is greatly appreciated.

If you want to see a great example of bi-partisan cooperation, look to these polls to see Democrats, Republicans and others working together for a common cause.  Well done, Folks!

A Hotel in Media?  Yeah Right!
10 years it's been looking like this.

Let's dust this one off for a minute.  If you haven't gotten tired of looking at the proposed site of the Hampton Inn in Media, that's good.  You'll be looking at it for a long time.  Despite insinuation from Media Borough that it'll be at least knocked down, it hasn't and won't be any time soon.  The financing deals for these types of hotel projects aren't what they were.  In fact, a few deals in the area have fallen through in the last year.

That's not to say developers aren't looking at Media.  The Media Acme strip mall recently changed ownership and I would expect some changes to happen there.  Others are actively seeking property in Media.  Some even interested in condominium buildings that have been around for years.

Media's Biggest Event - Santa's Parade and Fun/Walk will be held Nov. 27 (Sunday) 3pm
If you haven't checked it out, swing by to see what's going on for Santa's Parade and Fun/Walk.  The community volunteers are busy at work making this bigger than ever.  In its third year, the event has drawn thousands of people with dozens of performers, acts and sponsors.

Chester Creek Trail
It's not officially open yet, and it's been asked that people stay off the trail until completed, but the long awaited Chester Creek Trail is getting close to opening.  In today's budgetary challenges and financial uncertainty, it's a miracle this trail is about to be completed.  A sincere "Thanks" to the Chester Creek Trail group and others who tirelessly made this happen.

Liquor license Prices in Delco going through the roof.
Six months ago you could get a liquor license in Media for $80 - $100k.  Since then you're looking at a license somewhere north of $150k and it may go higher.  With grocery stores getting into the alcohol business like Acme (maybe Wawa and others), there's been a run on these licenses.

Most new restaurants that have opened in Media in the last 24 months also secured a liquor license. It's hard to compete in Everybody's hometown without one.

What you need to know for Media's Halloween Night!


  1. This may sound dumb but what are the requirements to volunteer at the polls? Is there still time to volunteer?

    1. Not dumb at all, but a great question. Yes, there's still time. No requirements necessary, but you'll want to volunteer in the area you live (i.e. Middletown, Media, Upper Prov. etc.)

      If you live in Media, you can contact me at and I'll find out who is doing what. Truthfully, every polling place needs help. Or feel free to contact the election board at and they can also get you in contact with the polls.

      Volunteers generally assist with setting up machine, inspecting machines, checking registration, etc. It's a great group with both Democrats and Republicans working together.



  2. The clock has restarted on all the zoning precedings that took place on the Hampton inn congratulations for wasting everyone's time

  3. No thoughts on what appears to be a 10 story generator sitting at the borough office facing Jackson St.? It's an eyesore and I can't imagine that money was a consideration in its placement.

    1. You should feel free to call or email The Media Borough Emergency Services Coordinator I'm ask he will get right back to you with a detailed explanation

    2. WOW! I saw the generator this morning. I'd like to know what they expect to power with that! Media?

  4. Did Media Borough not consider greener options like a fuel cell ?

    Is this diesel or natural gas back up power ?

    1. Gasp! The generator doesn’t run on wind or solar power?!?!?! You mean for real world (emergency) applications we need to rely on fossil fuel that is perhaps brought in by transportation(truck/rail) or god forbid, a pipeline?!?!?!

      Maybe the idiot who was dressed up as a flailing anti-pipeline advertisement in last weekend’s Halloween parade can protest in front of borough hall.

    2. LMAO! I saw that guy - I think he was with the MPFS group. 'Nuff said.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. If it's Diesel in will stink up the area. just think about ten buses running. .

    1. Did Sunoco Logistics divert a 4" inch gas line for this generator

      What is the KW rating for this generator
      is it CARB compliant

    2. This must be part of the Mariner East 3 project I've heard about. They are running a pipeline under the 3rd Street bridge.


    And it can be helped out by putting too many eating establishments with not enough parking to support. I guess the progressive council will create a bike trail to make up the difference in parking. Certainly the new housing units will help a bit assuming those moving in aren't house poor.

  7. Didn't realize the borough of Media was interested in cogeneration ?