Wednesday, November 30, 2016

DELCO raising money to remove Swarthmore from the county.

A GOFUNDME page was created by RamboRadio to remove Swarthmore from Delco over a recent clash involving cancer patients access to temporary housing care.  They've set a goal of $25,000 which under these circumstance may be doable.  Not since Media Borough Council was put up for sale on Craigslist a few years back, have we seen something like this.

Unlike Media Borough Council who received zero bids, donations to remove Swarthmore will be given to HEADstrong who is the cancer treatment facility looking for a facility in Swarthmore.


  1. 10 reasons why this is s good idea!

    1) No more #imwithher voters.
    2) Less man-hating feminist driving Suburus.
    3) Decrease in non-profit execs making $200k + off of taxpayers backs.
    4) We won't have to understand what the LBGTQ+123_@!%#^ movement is.
    5) They'll actually have to work and not advocate for a sanctuary campus.
    6) Swarthmore would immediately be GREAT AGAIN.
    7) Watch the hypocritical environmentalist drive away in fossil fuel burning vehicles. Or bikes, for about two miles.
    8) Restrooms becomes less confusing.
    9) The Swarthmore Socialists (commies w/o guns) move to Venezuela to give that another try.
    10) Parents quietly smile they no longer need to send their kids to a ~$55k snowflake factory.
    11) BONUS: Swarthmore's emasculated men may just find out they are in fact, MEN!

  2. I hope the money goes to actually helping cancer patients otherwise it will get consumed by lawyers @ $600 per hour
    Media borough does seem like it's for sale
    Including not abiding by and following it's own building codes

  3. Maybe anonymous could join with his Trumpian friends and ridicule the cancer patients since mocking disabled is now the in thing or spend time rounding up the two million illegal voters that the PEOTUS says there are or maybe he could actually provide a shred of evidence instead of going on twitter he could call a cop.