Sunday, November 13, 2016

Media in Two Minutes - Post Election 2016

Media In Two Minutes!

THANKS, Poll Workers!
A special thanks to everyone who worked the voting polls this week.  With something around a 80 to 90% voter turn-out on Tuesday, it was a busy, almost non-stop day voting.  Thank you to both democrats and republicans who staff these polls and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Also, thanks to everyone for taking down their campaign yard signs in public places.  This seems to have gotten much better over the years.  If you see them lingering after a few days, leave a comment as to where they are and I'll personally remove and have them recycled.



We have all the pieces in place to make the this year's food drive bigger than ever on Monday, Nov. 14th.  With many more people participating, a way to pull up and drop off food at a few locations, and a Can-Do attitude; we must break the record of 339 turkeys we had last year.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we will be holding our 4th Annual Nativity BVM vs St. Mary Magdalene Turkey and Food Drive supporting the Media Food Bank.  Due to the success we’ve had and the exposure we’ve gained over the last three years (close to 800 turkeys) we are happy to announce that we will also be supporting the St. Mark’s Food Bank in Broomall and The Bernadine Center in Chester.  We would also like to welcome St. Francis of Assisi in Springfield to this great annual tradition………may the best parish win!!!
We will be collecting all turkey and food donations on Monday, November 14th from 6 – 7:30pm in front of the Nativity Parish Center at 301 Galey Street, Media, PA (one block off of Baltimore Pike).  All you have to do is pull your car up and one of our CYO (or past CYO) athletes or coaches will unload your donation for you.  If you are unable to make it to that night or would like to give a cash donation, please let me know and I would be more than happy to pick it up from you.  Last year we beat St. Mary’s AGAIN to remain undefeated (3-0) so please support this great cause and help us make it (4-0) but more importantly, let’s help those less fortunate than us during this holiday season.  Please email this flyer to friends and family, post it on Facebook, Tweet it, Hashtag# it, SnapChat it, Instagram it or send it via carrier pigeon………….help us get the word out.  Your support is the reason we are able to help so many people. Thank you, Michael Graham 

So, if you're at the store today, please make sure to pick up something extra for this drive.  I hope to cover it live on Facebook.  Thx

Santa Parade and Fun Run/Walk

There are groups just clamoring to be a part of this year's Santa Parade and Fun Run/Walk.  That goes to show how big this event has become in just three years!  It's easily Media's biggest event and keeps growing.  To get all the latest updates, check out their new webpage and FB site.

Here's video from last year (2015)

3rd Street Bridge - One year closer to completion.
As we wind down another year, many in the community wonder at this time if the 3rd Street Bridge will ever get completed. (We've done this for 20 years now) With all the new housing and development going on, it's needed now more than ever.  

The good news is that Media Borough council is no longer obstructing the bridge as they have done for decades.  After being found in contempt of court, they finally had to act.  It's now a matter of it moving through the state government, which takes time.  

You should see the breach of the dam soon, which will be the first step of the reconstruction.  I'd say at this point you won't be able to drive across the new bridge until 2018.  

Here's archive video of the bridge from 2011.

Media Fire Company Wreath and Garland Drive has been discontinued.
Many people in the community looked forward to helping out the Media Fire Company by purchasing wreaths and garland during their Christmas drive.  Unfortunately, I learned this week that they will not be doing it this year.  


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