Monday, November 21, 2016

Milo Yannapolis, the most fabulous super-villain on the internet was scheduled to be in Media, PA last week. Conflicting stories on why he wasn't

Milo: Too Controversial for Media Theatre?
Milo Yannapolis, the most fabulous supervillain on the internet, as he's known to describe himself, was scheduled  to be in Media, PA last week for a speaking event with 1210am talk show host, Rich Zeoli.

The event, booked in advance, was to be held at the Media Theatre on State Street Tuesday. November 14th.   Promotion was being handled via the radio station and a Facebook Event they created (screen shot below).  I wasn't aware of it until people started contacting me on Wednesday.  In fact, I wasn't aware of who Milo was until a few weeks before that.

As reported by the radio station, the affair was cancelled by the Media theatre at the very last minute for reasons still unknown.  I tried to reach out to a person close to the Media Theatre for clarification, but have not heard anything back yet.  I also called the theatre directly on Friday and was told it was cancelled due to a scheduling conflict.  However, Rich Zeloli has a different story.

Apparently, Rich Zeloli and his marketing department haven’t been given an explanation from the Media Theatre.    As Rich mentions on his show, their calls have gone unanswered even after both parties signed a contractual agreement.

Rich Explains Why The Milo Event Was Canceled  | The Rich Zeoli Show


  1. This should not of happened

  2. Hmm, anyone wanna wager the Media Dems put a stop to this one?

  3. Would have totally gone to see Milo!

  4. Based on current events, is anyone ready to admit that canceling this event was a good idea? Free speech comes with a modest amount if discretion.