Friday, December 30, 2016

FAQs about Saturday's NYE Ball Drop in Media, PA 2016

Archived video from Jan. 2011

If you're attending Media's New Years Eve ball drop in Media Saturday night, here are some frequently asked questions that people generally have.  If you have further questions you can always tweet to @mediapanews, I'll answer as quickly as I can.

  • How many people are expected?  That number varies, but it's been known to draw somewhere near 5,000.
  • Anything special about this year's event we should see?  After 60 years the Plumstead Inn is closing next month, so that place will be popular.
  • What streets will be closed?  Portions of State Street, but not until closer to the time the ball drops.
  • Are there any contests I can enter?  Not that I know of.
  • Are there cover charges at bars?  Typically no, but there may be people working the door at select bars to manage crowds.
  • Do restaurants have specials?  Some do, some don't.  Most have Facebook pages that should have updates.  I'd recommend making reservations if you're looking for good seats and dinner.  At this point, reservations may be full.
  • Parking?  There are no special parking arrangements that I know for tonight's event.  A lot of people walk into town from house parties in the borough.
  • Will portable restrooms be available? I've not seen any yet.
  • Are dogs allowed?  This always seems to be a popular question, but dogs are not allowed at Media events.
  • How's the crowd?  Based on my experience, if you're looking to mix it up in the large crowd under the ball drop, prepare for it to be a bit rowdy.  Also don't be surprised to get sprayed, or worse, doused by champagne.  If you're on the fringe of the crowd it's fine for families with children.
  • Any entertainment?  There's a band that plays at 11pm in front of Spasso's
  • Any activities for children?  Not that I know of.
  • Are there areas designated for the disabled?  Not that I know of, but you may want to ask the Media Police.
  • Will there be food and drink vendors available on State St.?  Not that I know of.
  • What security is in place?  Media Police do a GREAT job with this event and are stationed on almost every corner.  Media also has surveillance cameras all along State Street.
  • Will the 101 Trolley Run? Yes. However it will stop at Monroe Street, which is one block from the ball drop.
  • Are tickets need for the event?  No, tickets aren't needed.
  • Will there be a webcast or is this shown on cable tv?  You may see highlights in the news, but no formal webcast or live broadcast host is scheduled.
  • Will there be social media coverage of the event?  Perhaps, but nothing formal
  • Is there a Twitter hash tag for tonight?  I'd use #mediapa and #nye
  • Where's the best view?  In front, or on either side of Spasso's on State Street.
  • Can I bring my drone?  I don't think so.

Happy New Years!

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