Sunday, December 18, 2016

Media in Two Minutes - Merry Christmas

Media in Two Minutes - Merry Christmas

I was sick last week, so I had to skip Media in Two Minutes.  This week, we have quite a few things going on, and not going on; leading up to the Christmas weekend.  By "not going on" I mean the effort by Media Borough politicians to curb traffic speeding and an roll-through of stop signs. Tuesday evening at 5:10pm at the intersection of 4th and Jackson I was nearly clipped by a car that skidded through a stop sign.  More on that later.

Ok, here we go.

Promenade at Granite Run
This whole effort is really starting to pick up speed.   You can see it if you visit the construction site and there is definitely interest in the new tenants lining up.  Check out what was written by this week.

Of  interest, is the shuttle bus they plan to setup between Media and the Promenade.  The builder BET is planning to build housing at both locations.  Will the shuttle be specifically for residents of the properties, or will others be allowed to use the shuttle?  Will there be a cost involved and will it provide service to and from the Media region rail?  I think it's a neat concept.

What about Media's Seniors?
I can provide many examples of why the younger crowd might want to move to Media, but I can't think of really any for seniors who play a big part of the community.

One place Media seniors really liked was the former McDonalds that closed a few months ago.  It was a nice place to gather and provided a 'routine' for some.  It also, as far as I'm aware had discounted coffee for seniors too. Are there other Media restaurants out there that provide discounts to seniors?  It would be interesting to know.

Speaking of Costs, Delaware County Holds the Line on Taxes and Middletown CUTS taxes

Gun Law Seminar coming to Media, PA
I don't remember ever seeing one of these advertisements before, but a Gun Law Seminar is coming to Media on Dec. 28th at the Media VFW.    I've heard conflicting stories on these events.  I heard they are just one big informerical, and I've also heard they are very good.  I've never been to one, but maybe I'll drop by.  NOTE: you need to register for this event if you plan to attend.
Table 11 Restaurant comes to State Street!
Be sure to check out Media's latest eatery, Table 11.  I've not found a website or FB page, but they have recently opened.  They are located on State Street at the former Mrs Martys location.  Welcome!

Burlap and Bean Coming to Media
Renovation are underway for the much awaited Burlap and Bean that is expected to open on the west side of Media.  No details yet on specifics, but it's moving along on the construction front.

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  1. I've seen borough cops slow roll the stop signs too; as well as moving a bit faster through town than the posted limits strictly allow. Maybe they're not doing more because they don't want to be hypocrites. We all have issues we'd like to see more focus on. For me it's blocking the box all along Baltimore Ave. They work very hard every, and are flawed human beings too. They simply can't please everyone.

    Skidding through a stop sign is clearly an ignorant (maybe non local) or distracted driver which is a much different, issue than the long standing speeding and slow rolling complaint. So that was a bit of a false association.

    You have your beefs with Council priorities, it's great that someone like you is pushing for better than status quo, but please stop venting your grieviences with council by taking swipes at the job done by the hard working police officers.