Sunday, January 8, 2017

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Folks, please take a minute to fill out the Santa Parade and Fun Run/Walk survey.  It really helps with making a great event even better!  Thanks!

Chester Creek Trail
Thanks for all the comments regarding the post about the Chester Creek Trail last week.  To assist with the many questions presented, please visit the official Facebook page.

Mystery Solved - Towne House Restaurant  Santa Sleigh and Reindeers
The display now resides in Swarthmore
After selling for $4,000 to a member of Media's Strine Family a year ago, it wasn't clear what the new owners had in store for a genuine piece of Media history.  Turns out we received a post on the ATM Facebook page showing the display at its new home in Swarthmore.  It looks great and solves a mystery to many.

Tom's Dim Sum - Excellent!
My restaurant reviews of Chinese cuisine are nothing to write home about, but from time to time I do order take out from Yangtze Inn, Margaret Kuo, Super Wok and now, Tom Dim's Sum. First off, the BBQ ribs at Super Wok on State Road are well worth a try.  I know for a fact that when Eagles running back Sean "Shady" McCoy lived in Upper Providence, he ordered these ribs routinely.  They're very good.

Anyway, back to Tom's Dim Sum.  It's a bit small on the inside, but the food is outstanding. It was recommended I try the General's Tso chicken and it might have been the best I've ever had. Give it a shot!  They have a great thing going with their restaurant.

I Love Lenni, PA
Chester Creek Trail - Lenni, PA
In what can only be called a tidal wave of development either going on or proposed in the Media area, one section of the county that remains almost untouched is Lenni, PA.....and that's Awesome.  Sure, it looks like a mountain town whose industrial remnants still show, but I think that's the charm of the area.  It's also not overrun with traffic and noise.  

With the Wawa train station still planned, and connectivity to it possibly by the Chester Creek Trail, this could really be a nice, affordable place in the future.  Public transportation, recreation, affordable housing, good schools and low traffic can really make it a gem.

I'm sure a lot of people want to keep it as it is, I hear you.  However, things are rapidly changing for this part of the county and unfortunately it's only a matter of time before things happen here. Lenni's "uniqueness" may just become trendy, if not desirable in the coming years as many communities become hemmed in islands promoting "walkability" in order to counter the traffic and congestion. I hear more and more, "If you leave Media by this time (X), make sure you're back by (x), or else you'll have to battle traffic."

What Happened to Media's Traffic Safety?
Back in May I attended a Public Safety meeting meant to address the petitions submitted by residents on 5th and 6th streets.  The complaints includeded the blatant speeding and stop sign roll-throughs that happen every hour on every street.  During the meeting, a "public safety" campaign was mentioned but never implemented.  We then saw a few weeks later a radar speed display, that event Media's politicians conceded they didn't know how to operate.  At about the same time frame, a Media resident had to jump from a moving car after being hit by a SUV at Monroe and 6th St.  She's still recovering.  A few weeks ago while walking, a car hit the brakes and slid through a stop sign nearly hitting me at the intersection of 4th and Jackson at 5:10p.

Mayor Bob McMahon needs to retire!
It's not been since September of last year has anyone on borough council mentioned this ongoing problem.  We're now in 2017 and Media borough has essentially abandoned the effort and no longer even addresses it at their monthly meetings.  If you have updates that I don't, please share.  There's nothing about this on the borough website.

Here's what I wrote back on July 20, 2016

Is this really the solution residents on 5th and 6th streets petitioned for regarding speeding?  Or is it, "Lets just hope residents see we attempted something, knowing that it does nothing to address the problem  maybe they'll just stop complaining."

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  1. Did Yangtze change owners? Ann was great and her children are very smart.

  2. Speeding on E Front between Edgemont and Manchester is a serious issue.

  3. Ask Media Borough why they switched retained engineer firm's. It has to do with the liability these eng. firms take on when they conduct a traffic study. Media Borough solution is just get another engineering firm and fire the one that doesn't agree with us

  4. Term limits please something that will happen for congress men and woman needs to happen at the local level in Media