Friday, February 17, 2017

An incident report needs to be filed against Media's Incident Reporting Website - Public Stuff

Back in 2014 Media borough launched an effort called Public Stuff to assist residents and businesses with submitting incidents that needed the attention of the borough.  Typically, these dealt with overgrown trees, street light issues, dangerous conditions and environmental issues.  The concept had great promise and is used successfully by many muncipalities.

Unfortunately, Media Borough never took the time to adequately explain their Public Stuff incident management service on any level.  Those who did submit issues have seen them sit for months before anything was even addressed.  The concept of the tool is to provide efficient communication and status updates of issues being worked on.  It's not clear if the borough wasn't properly trained or if the service faltered due to lack of resources to manage it.

Sadly, the service found at with a section dedicated to Media, PA, is useless. Despite the month-long delays in acknowledging the issues, some have been flat-out closed without being fixed.


  1. Typical Media Boro Council jumping on whatever the flavor of the month is:

    Cool local farmers market ----- check

    Special electric car charging station ----- check

    Holding up infrastructure project to appease 1% limousine liberals
    3rd St roadway and dam ------- check

    cool on line problem reporting site ----- check

    Speed checking devices -------- check

    sounds great when its announced but no follow thru EVER

    1. Add to the list an arrogant code enforcement dept that can't abide by its own Borough Codes and pick and chooses what and who to ignore

    2. CVP your comprehensive list is impressive although your probably missing more failed ideas
      You should start going to council meetings

    3. Public stuff has this posted under frequently asked questions:

      "Residents can share details about Public Stuff with their elected officials and city administration. We’d be happy to follow-up with them!"

      if indeed Media Borough is paying Public Stuff for there service and if indeed the site doesn't work then yes we have a problem and Taxpayers / Media Borough should get an explanation and refund

  2. Forgot solar powered parking meters.. check.

    Each of these were rolled out with big splashes and all failed horribly

    1. CVP did the buy a brick program for the library solve its finance issues ?

    2. Has 'library financial issues' been a topic at the board meetings?

    3. Anon 12:22......i'm pretty sure the "library prom" solved the million plus dollar financial issues.........the buy a brick program was just a back up plan

    4. oh right the library prom was the $200 per ticket dinner that how many people attended ?