Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Good advice if you have questions regarding Door-to-Door Solicitations

Last week I had a door-to-door solicitor knock on my door at 7:30pm.  I answered the door and asked if I wanted to make a donation to this person's group he was representing, which I believe was Support a Child Foundation or something along those lines.  I politely declined but as he was walking away, I asked if he had a solicitation permit.  He said yes, but was too far away to pursue the matter further.  I then looked up the approved door-to-door canvassing page on Media Borough's Website where no such group is listed as having been approved.

Media Borough should consider and comprehensively define what you can do, your rights, what to look for and how to report a problem is one occurs.  Though this was posted by Clifton Heights Police Department, it's good advice for all.

Facebook Post by Clifton Heights Borough Police Dept:
With the pleasant weather comes door to door solicitaion. Over the weekend police received several complaints about this. Currently only SFE Eneregy and Power remodeling have a valid permit to go door to door for sales. 

Complaints ranged from sales persons misrepresenting themselves as PECO employees to generally being over persistent. We are presently communicating with SFE Energy to address complaints about their sales people. 

While we do not attribute all these incident to SFE Energy in this post, other non-permitted compainies were reportedly in the area.

What you need to know:
All solicitors must have a valid Clifton Heights Borough Photo permit on their person while going door to door. Not being held by someone else or any another excuse. 
You ARE NOT required to show anyone your household utility bills.
DO NOT sign any paperwork unless you intend to purchase any products. 
When in doubt, call 911. Our officers will verifty the identity of any suspicious individuals in the area. 
Lastly, do not engage with a solicitor if you are not interested in their product, simply close your door.
If you feel you have been slammed, unknowingly switching your utility provider by deception or fraud, you can reach out to the PA Attorney Generals Office at…/Bureau_of_Consumer_Prote…/


  1. I just do not answer the door. All my family knows to CALL ME FIRST. Do NOT just drop in. The same goes for phone calls. I let the answering machine get it. After I determine who it is, then I pick up. otherwise it goes straight to voice mail

  2. This is why it's easier if the Borough just
    Changing the rule to no soliciting
    Like where MayorBob McMahon lives in Oakmont townhomes on Jackson street He also enjoys the fact that a McMansion won't get built and encroach on his townhouse

    1. You can accomplish the same by placing a no soliciting sign at your property just as they have at Oakmont townhomes. Or you can post about it on the internet.