Sunday, February 19, 2017

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Wawa starts to take shape
It still has a ways yet to go, but the structure of Media's new Wawa is taking shape quickly.  The lot didn't really convey how big this footprint was until the framing went up.  From the road, the site overwhelms the Starbucks store.

Chester Creek Trail and lack of parking:
With the weather warming up, especially this weekend, the popularity of the Chester Creek Trail is exploding.  As we know, parking is an issue.  Nothing much I can say or do about that, but it is a situation the Chester Creek Trail group and local officials are aware of.

Tagine Renovations on State Street
I can't really tell what will happen to Tagine restaurant on State Street, but renovations of some sort are definitely going on inside.  It looks like a total re-model with exposure of the brick walls on either side of the restaurant.

A Beautiful view of Traffic
Prices are starting at $400s but that includes an amazing view of traffic just feet from your front door.  I doubt that'll be included in the marketing material, but the West End Walk homes are literally being built just feet from Baltimore Avenue.  No matter how nice these homes are, I don't know how they downplay this issue.  Coming out of Media at night must be even worse with headlights hitting these properties at all hours.

Suboxone comes to Sixth St.
When you pick a discarded Suboxone wrapper that someone left on your lawn, it really begins to sink in just how bad the opiate epidemic is.  I found this laying on the side of my house on 6th St last week.  I'm not sure how it got there, or if others have come across them in Media, but it's a troubling find.

Having known people who died from an overdose and others that fight these addictions, I have a lot of compassion for the issue.  I'm not insensitive to the needs of those who need Suboxone, but I write about this as an observation and concern for the community.

Swarthmore on the verge of something great
I'm quite impressed with the campaign has launched to bring liquor sales to their borough which has been dry for decades.  There's a lot of economic benefit by Swarthmore doing this, which will be most apparent towards the draw they would have for restaurants and eateries.  I'd even call it a potential economic renaissance based on what has happened to Media's State Street.

I think they are almost half way to the needed 1,000 signatures required to have it on the primary election ballot for the community to vote on.


  1. I know the Wawa is set to be done in another month or two, but does anyone know if they are intending to reopen the sidewalks before the rest of the project completes? That's gotta be irritating Starbucks, having both walks closed.

  2. Any feedback on public stuff ?

  3. Hmm, the Suboxone wrapper was probably brought to you by the nice people going to court who dump their trash all over Media and don't pay for parking. Just a guess.....

  4. There's a better parking lot on Mt. Alverno Rd. off of Pennell Rd. for the Chester Creek Trail. Not paved, but always open spots right next to the trail.