Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Why doesn't Media's Mayor and Elected officials give information, updates and answers to community questions?

Media has the same problem:
At one point I was so frustrated with the lack of information coming out of City Hall that I confronted the acting communications person on her lack of communication of either good or bad news. She simple told me that she only writes what ‘they’ tell her to write.
People really want to know what, if anything, the city government is doing, planning, predicting, or even how they feel, or how residents should feel, about the murder rampage going on in the city.
Nether Providence and Upper Providence do a much better job keeping the community informed

Conversely, here's an example of a mayor who gets it!



  1. its easier getting info from the POTUS than it is the MOM - maybe Media needs that Twitter handle. :)

  2. The mayor needs to retire