Wednesday, March 22, 2017

No thanks to Media Borough Council. Measurable results have taken place since the passing of Act 89

No thanks to Media Borough council who actually had to take a vote on this to determine when a letter should be sent; measurable results have taken place since the passing of Act 89, thankfully.

Three and a half years later, Media is still plagued by the same disorganized, clueless politicians.

Sept. 2013

Hall moved for authorization to send such a letter, but Councilman Paul Robinson said he thought it was premature. Robinson’s impression was that Mayor Bob McMahon may have already been in contact with the legislators on the “seriousness” of the issue.

“(Council) can move on it later. I think it is jumping the gun,” said Robinson.

Council persons Monica Simpson and Eric Stein said they believed such action was appropriate since the legislature will be in budget talks upon reconvening. The 5-1 vote, with Robinson opposed, was to forward a letter which will be signed by Hall and McMahon, but likely not include all name of council members.

Delco Times

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  1. Please clarify for the viewing audience
    what did media residents lose out on due to media borough disorganized and lack of follow up from media borough council