Thursday, May 18, 2017

How the Promenade at Granite Run may look to create the Live-Work-Shop-Play Community

Aside from a few drawings and renderings, we haven't seen a comprehensive vision from BET Development on what they plan to do with the Promenade at Granite Run Mall.  At least not something inspirational that makes you think, "Wow, that might be a place I'd like to experience."

However, if it's similar to what they are doing with the Promenade at Upper Dublin, they might just be on to something that really does tie together the Live-Work-Shop-Play Community.


  1. Not a soul is going to rent a 1 bedroom at $1800 a month, then next thing you know sec 8 creeps in, then Middlwtown will resemble Upper Darby in 10 years....

  2. If they are able to pull this off to something similar in the video, this would become a bigger threat to Media than first realized. Too bad they can't extend the trolly to reach this place. Or can they?

    1. Threat or treat? Please explain if you meant threat.

  3. Actually the apartments in both the promenade and West End flats are are selling out before construction is even 50% complete. Know your facts before you spew crap.

  4. Which is it, Bjk? Sad or very sad.

  5. hope they install electric charging stations at the mall or apartments like they have at longwood gardens and king of prussia mall to show that they are showing environmental concerns