Friday, June 16, 2017

Media 5 Mile Race 2017 What You Need to Know

Media 5 Mile Race 2017
What You Need to Know

Parking and Road Closures:
Media will begin to close down the streets that make up the race course around 5pm and won't officially open them back up until 9pm. Consequently, this will create a lot of detours in and around Media, so be prepared for delays and frustrated drivers (happens every year).   A lot of people in town make arrangements to leave early to avoid the traffic.  For those coming into town, it’s best to get here as early as you can.  You’ll be able to maneuver around the streets of Media after 5pm, but it’ll be challenging and not recommended as it gets closer to race time (7pm.), especially inside the perimeter of the course.  

The blue line represents the race course and streets closed beginning at 5pm
Public transportation is available via the SEPTA Buses and Media/Elwyn Regional line.  We have quite a few of bike racks on State Street too, so biking is another good option and the easiest way to get around.

Parking will be a challenge in Media, and what spots are available, fill up quickly. 

Kids Fun Run (6pm)
For the youngsters (11yrs and younger) there will be a free Fun Run at Barrall Field on State Street (next to Media Elementary) at 6pm.  You must signup and submit by 5:45pm. Kids get a t-shirt and parents get tired kids.

Festivities - Bars, Restaurants and House Parties
Media businesses will be ready for all your drinking and dining pleasures before, during and after the race.  Check out a slew of great places to hang-out and watch the runners as it they go right down State Street.  Sligo’sStephen’s on State and the Plumstead Inn Picasso are always popular during this event, so get a good seat to cheer!  For those entertaining make sure to stock up on food and beverages from 320 Market Cafe and County Beverage.  Also, check out Bryn Mawr Running on State Street for any last minute equipment needs.

Travel beyond State Street and you’ll notice a host of house parties happening on virtually every street in town (I hear 6th Street is the best!).  Whether it’s a mix of live music, swanky catered events, keggers, cocktail parties, or festive cook-outs; you’ll see, hear and experience it all one way or the other.  The festivities go on through most of the night but begin to wind down around 11pm, so stop by and enjoy Media’s hospitality.

Social Media - Participate!
People love to capture and share this experience via social media.  Whether it’s instant updates, coverage, pictures or video, we’ll cover it here with live feeds from Twitter and Facebook.  Be in the know, and use hash tags: #MEDIAPA and #MEDIA5MILE

Media 5 Mile Race FAQs:
  • How long has this race been happening? This is the 37th year
  • How many people run? About 1,600
  • Is this Media's only race?  No!  There's the Santa Fun Run in November too.
  • Where's the course? The 5 miles is made up of two laps around the perimeter of town (check out race course map)
  • What's the official drink?  I dunno....It was the Two Buck Chuck?
  • How hard is this race?  With the hills, some have said it's harder than the Broad Street run.
  • Will it be held in the rain?  Yes, but weather looks good for Friday.  
  • Is there an official site:

A special thanks to the Media Police, Media Fire Department and First Responders for making this an enjoyable and safe event!



  1. I just got a robo-call from the Mayor who doesn't sound like he has a clue. Thanks for posting.

    1. Might be the only time you ever hear the mayor speak aside from the glad handing by the mayor at dinning under the stars, the veterans parade, and the media five mile race

  2. Did the public every get a debriefing on where all the race dollars go to ?

  3. Does the nonprofit that runs media 5M run
    Have all their tax records in order ?
    It was mentioned that the tax filings were made available that they would be posted on ATM ?

  4. Lots of folks locally and out of towners
    Have commented that the race entry fee even early entry fee getting too high priced ?
    What was Run the Day % for managing the race ?