Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Smart Home Automator Loxone is Making Media, PA Their East Coast Headquarters. And here are the reasons why that's AWESOME!

Loxone office in Media, PA

I've always advocated Media, PA as a great place for a business and at times I do what I can to showcase companies who share those same ideas.  I love doing that!  In fact, I'm on record to say Media has a unique opportunity to be a tech hub if it really wanted to be.  Truthfully,  I've thought of bringing a small operations center here myself but this company has actually done it.

Last week I got an invite from the folks at Loxone to stop by and check out what they are doing in the smart home automation market.  This is an Austrian company who recently opened their US Headquarters here in Media, PA, which immediately prompted my first question: Why Media, PA over San Fran, Austin, Denver, etc.?  They said they liked the area, the market and the setup just worked for them as a place to be on the east coast.  They have a BEAUTIFUL office located on W. 3rd Street that houses their partner consulting, support, marketing and product management teams.

John Wechsler who invited me over to their demo home just outside of Media Borough also introduced me to their CEO of Loxone US, Florian Woess.  From here they gave me an extensive walk through of how their smart home service works in everyday scenarios.  Not conceptually, but real world!  Touch, feel, see and experience is what this was all about.

Heating, cooling, music, video, lighting, security, monitoring and just about anything that can be powered by electricity can be set up by this company to be managed through your smartphone and in this particular house, and IPAD panel in the kitchen.  Amazing! And what I really liked was the attention to detail and enthusiasm John and Florian's company has towards the potential of this product.  That showed in two very compelling ways: 1) the ease of use and how intuitive the software is, which can't be faked, and  2) how sturdy and well refined the hardware was which include touch controls, system wiring/management and a whole lot more.  I've had some experience consulting on some similar types of competitor designs, and Loxone stands out noticeably among the others on a host of levels.   Don't believe me?  Schedule a walk through of their Demo House.  It speaks, or more accurately, automates for itself!

Sure you could buy a Wemo switch and a Nest Thermostat from Amazon and technically automate your home, but this isn't the space Loxone is competing in.  They are a full-service technology group with in-house research/development, comprehensive installation and service teams that are expanding in the US market.  That's smart, as many new builders (i.e Toll Brothers) are no longer looking at this technology as a novelty, but as a necessity that homeowners are asking for and some may even demand.  Wireless carriers, cable companies and the likes of Apple and Google are making big investments in this area, but Loxone seems to have an advantage by having the whole process thought out and covered from start to finish.
Smart homes are helpful!

In addition, its invaluable to second home owners who need to monitor and manage HVAC systems from afar.  Not to mention elderly folks who may find automation extremely helpful.  (Note: They also do pre-existing homes and even did a motorhome.)

I wanted to save the best for last as this all ties in nicely to Media, PA.  Florian shared with me that Loxone is looking to hire as many as 20 to 30 new employees in the coming months.  Jobs like these are well paying and not only benefit the company and individual, but also a community like Media, PA.

Ambition, vision, and confidence breed exactly that, and here we have an international company like Loxone leading the way in a town like Media, PA.  Well Done, Loxone!

Here's what a fun place to work at looks like.  This is the "Basecamp" office in the rolling green hills of Austria.  Check it out!  They are looking to create something like that here in the near future.


  1. Great writeup. Any great news for Media. We welcome them to our community and wish them best of luck.

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for coming by! It was a pleasure to show you around.
      @Anonymous: Thanks! We're happy to be in Media!