Friday, June 9, 2017

Traffic Light on Baltimore Ave expected to be operational come July 2017

Traffic light will be operational in the next month.

Things are moving along quickly on the west side of town.  The traffic light at the corners of Brooke, State and Baltimore Ave; erected months ago is expected to be operational sometime in July.


  1. Hopefully they will synchronize the lights to flow for the traffic coming down the hill . The lights on the pike are a disgrace when ever you get a green light by the time you get to the next block that light turns red. So you are constantly stopping . Call Penndot and have to fix this

    1. Media borough officials and their new restrained eng firm approved this whole traffic layout so figure it out
      Penndot has millions of dollars of projects that are dragging along
      I dought they could properly focus
      On timing of lights for. 0.5 mile stretch of Baltimore pike

  2. Will they be repaving the road and repainting the lines too? That would really help!!!

  3. Looks like things are coming along in the West End. On the other side of town, it appears that the Wawa is closer to opening, but the road work hasn't even started. What's the latest with that? Is the Wawa going to open without the road improvements being done? Glad to see the planners at least got things right in the West End.

  4. Also hope some center lines are painted on the street soon