Friday, July 28, 2017

Wawa's newest store opens in Media, PA.

To the delight of the community and customers, Wawa's newest store opened today in Media, PA. The place was packed this morning at 8:30am when I was there with not one parking space available and there are a lot of them.

The inside of the store is nicley laid out with customer flow being a noticeable part of the design.  In a way if feels like a convenience store on vibe.

Wawa, I always knew this could be "The Store" you wanted it to be to represent your headquarters here in Media, PA.  You not only achieved that, but for many of us who grew up with Wawa; we couldn't be prouder.  Thank you for enduring a lack of direction from borough officials.  I was glad to help out to see this happen (wink).

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  1. Many of media polictians and
    And those that grant variances withput proper hearings and securing proper permits are hipocrites or patsy - depends on how you look at it - Reallly how can Media Borough say no to Media Real Estate
    At least Robinson played to patsy well in regards to the pocket park so at least he is consistent with his convictions