Sunday, August 20, 2017

Proposed redesign of the Plum Street Mall in Media, PA

Costs haven't been projected yet, nor has it been determined how the project will be paid for (i.e. grants); but here's a conceptual design of what's being proposed on Plum Street Mall between Jasper and State Street.

No word yet on if this project has been approved or when it might start.


  1. Why don't they just leave it the way it is ? It's fine

    1. Agreed. Nothing should ever change.

  2. Love everything about this. Great concept and design. Seeing this plan now makes the current look drab and dreary. People seem upset by the fountain - maybe look into moving it elsewhere. Definitely keep the new fountain wall in the design. Nice seeing Media moving forward.

  3. Please make the walls chalk proof. Looks ridiculous and low rent, even with all the "profound" messages.

  4. Media needs some fresh ideas on redevelopment, projects like the west end flats, wawa, library, toll bros executive facade homes/townhouses turn this unique town into another cliche'. We can at least preserve the charm that makes this w hometown without becoming an any'everytown. Towns like Cape May's historic district did a great job

  5. The west End flats tax. Revenue hasn't even hit the books and Media Borough is already
    Spending on architectural renderings and
    Pocket parks would be better to take a more
    Careful approach the tax dollars of our friends in swarthmore,Wallingford, and Rose valley aren't part of the equation they spend
    Discretionary income here which is good but
    Don't overspend to impress your "friends"

  6. I think it's lovely just as it is. With the flowers, bricks, and lots of seating, it's delightful for 3 seasons of the year.

  7. I love it how it is. It's my favorite part of Media! Don't go changing it - there are plenty of other places that actually need improvement

  8. One would think we have incomes here that rival Silicon Valley salaries with all the money media borough wants to spend
    How about the stormwater master plan where are those improvements
    Not glamorous like the plum street mall
    And veterans square project but more necessary- please get your priorities straight Media borough the land values will like it more

  9. Get rid of the stupid trolley. That will really improve downtown Media!