Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Media Police crack down on vehicles running stop signs

A special THANKS to the Media Police Department whose efforts are greatly appreciated for stopping vehicles who roll through stop signs.  I've seen them enforcing this law for many weeks now on different parts of sixth streets during the hours between 7 and 9am.   In fact, while walking to the train station, it wasn't a mere 20 seconds from seeing a cruiser idling on side of the street that it engaged a vehicle that went right through a stop sign.

It's great to see this kind of police response towards this issue.  Well done!



  1. Well done good follow up as well
    Whatever happened to the woman that was struck on Monroe Street ?

  2. I agree, I have noticed the police cruisers deter people from rolling the signs. If any Officer on MPD reads this, its still a BIG issue at 8th and N. Jackson. Every morning with people coming to work apparently running late and with events on State. N. Jackson is a busy road at those times

  3. The police blow more stop signs in front of my house than anyone.

  4. R u serious find some real criminals stopping people for rolling through a stop sign wow people bitch about everything 😂😂

  5. Wow r we really sayn thank u to the police for stopping cars for rolling through stop signs that funny go find some real criminals wtf 😂😂