Thursday, February 15, 2018

Media Borough Council never inquired about a risk assessment or safety evaluation with Sunoco regarding $350k ME2 pipeline easement

Documents obtained from a Freedom of Information Act filed with Media Borough shows no mention of any type of risk assessment or safety evaluation with Sunoco regarding the $350k easement granted for the pipeline project.

Back in September when flatly asked, Media Borough stated it would be unfair to suggest that Media Borough did not consider these issues, yet the borough was unable to provide any documentation that any type of risk/safety assessment was discussed.

Jeff Smith, Media Borough Manager
Media Borough Hall
301 N. Jackson St.
Media, PA 19063


Pursuant of a formal FOIA submission, I'd like to request all email correspondence/discussions between Mariner East Pipeline parties (i.e Sunoco)  and Media Borough Council related to a $350,000 payment given to the borough, in return for an easement used for the ME2 pipeline.  Specifically any discussion/documents on risk assessments and safety evaluations which may have been used by the borough to base a decision on.

I request that a copy of the following documents, either electronic or hard copy, be submitted to me at this email address: or mailed to 128 E. 6th Street.  Media, PA.

Disclosure of the requested information to me is in the public interest because it is likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of the operations or activities of the government and is not primarily in my commercial interest.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Tedman O’Hara
128 E 6th Street
Media, PA 19063


  1. Media Borigh needs to grow a backbone
    When it comes to flash zoning
    And wasting thousands of dollars to stop a typical infrastructure improvement I.e they Certainly act. Robinson stated the borough is just a landowner like hiu dress of others
    Being a landowner gives you leverage
    Really dissappoimted with Media Borough
    Take the money and run is what Media Borough did those are the actions taken
    By council instead of asking questions
    And express written concerns for safety
    And compromising Ridley Creek water our towns drinking water

  2. The self righteous "environmentalist" on borough council didn't even have the courage to speak up when they knew they were being told a lie. Frauds!

  3. Zideck if on council might have had a backbone oh wait he is on deco council and what is he advocating ?
    A risk assessment media borough council members in there actions are indeed Hippocrates what do any of media borough council members know of the risk to glenwood school students well they obviously don't care

  4. No surprise, these people lie all the time. Weren’t they even found in contempt of court?

  5. Seems like the whole crew would spend the 350 k before the ink was dry on the check
    Why is media borough's debt service continuing to increase does Jeff Smith have the right financial skills to run a borough
    Does anyone know what his CV looks like
    Does anyone care who spends and
    Oversees tax payers dollars this is not a R or D issue. It seems like a struggle to take an answer out of media borough for anything and so ATM and other resort to the right to know. It shouldn't be this way- promulgating rules in secret and bending rules for those who are deemed special in some way