Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Six security cameras to be installed on Baltimore Avenue at the cost of $40,000. Use of Body Camera discussions to begin (Again).

Per January's Public Safety meeting, six security cameras will be installed on Baltimore Avenue at the cost of $40,000.   In addition, the committee liaison, Lisa Johnson is expected to begin discussions on the use of body cameras for the Media Police Department.

Media Boro Public Safety Agenda January 2018

Mayor Bob McMahon has been asked repeatedly about body cameras for law enforcement but has failed to provide updates.


  1. Speaking of outfitting police why can't our grant writer apply to the vest a cop program
    If media borough police already have the
    Best available technology then great but
    Media Borough was left off a long list of departments that received vests from the
    Vest-a-cop program not sure why ?

  2. Before spending 40 k for cameras what defined benefit have taxpayers seen from the ones on state street please list actuall
    Benefits I.e. Without the cameras on state street the robbers of the Murrey Overhill Pharmacey wouldn't have been apprehended ? Is the orough worried about all the millennials mixing Into town

  3. Body camera'sfor the asshole cops who harass my son would be great. My kids dad has gotten into trouble before. The cops sought out my kid, followed him around and then issued him a ticket for Jay walking and told him he was stupid and it due to his dad. Not nice.

  4. Harass your son?
    Would be nice to hear both sides about this angel.Confused you got in trouble..kids Dad in trouble?Confused,
    But Media cops are great.

  5. not all media cops are that great. not sure if the cop is still working for media pd, but several years ago i met one of the borough's finest. allegedly someone fell on my sidewalk, cop knocks on door to "inform me", and then proceeds to harass me and attempt to escalate the situation for absolutely no reason. i guess he was bored or knew the person - either way, not professional, and definitely not someone who should be trusted to protect and serve everybody's hometown.

    body cameras often "malfunction" at the worst times and really aren't the answer - but, i'm sure someone has a friend who has a friend, who can provide them to the borough for a steal :)

  6. How much money does the mayor of media draw in salary from media taxpayers
    In a town so small I can't believe that just because he is. D he keeps getting
    Re-elected as it doesn't seem like he is doing a good job for residents what if at all do we ever hear from the man - he rarely says a word at council meetings