Monday, March 12, 2018

Brush up on your Deutsche, the Biergartens are coming to State Street

Rumored to be closing soon.

Two beer gardens, or beer halls, are expected to open on State Street in the coming weeks/months. One of which will become what was the interior patio attached to Spasso's Restaurant, which I believe will also include modifications to the Veterans Wall to open up the space a bit.  Not yet sure what will happen to the Veteran's plaque honoring those who served in foreign wars, but it could possibly be moved to the Veteran's Museum which is located under Trader Joe's.

As for the second one, well, that's a little more involved.  Apparently, the rumor going around is that Joclyn's will be closing this month.  With my experience with business closures, three things usually happen:  1) The closing is downplayed or flat-out denied. 2) I'm told I have no idea what I'm talking about. 3) Sales for said business go on a meteoric rise with nostalgic folks getting in their last visit and goodbye.

Joclyn's served its time and did it very well for decades, but gosh does this bar show every one of those hard-drinking years.  In the 90's it was right there with"most popular bar to go to" along world-famous Packy's Pub (now Sligo) just down the stairs.  If fact, there were so many people in both places at its height,  it was often easier to go downstairs to use the bathrooms in Packy's than Jocylyn's (It might still).  Everyone who went has a "remember that night at Joclyn's?" story and I'd be willing to bet they through more people out of the place than all the other bars in Media combined.  People did like the large deck that offered a unique experience for Media and was no doubt the original DUTS "drinking under the stars."

I don't always get these things right, but I'm pretty sure this is in the works.  To that end, what is expected to replace Joclyn's is Jasper Hall (named after Jasper St. (behind State St.), or something like that.  Food for the beer hall will be provided by the Lariele Pizza which is owned by the same owner.  Nice, synergy there, or can I say vertical market, literally.

Either way, great ideas for Media and looking forward to them, even though my two favorite beers are Guinness and "free." Maybe I'll make an exception for Spaten!


  1. You get Guinness for free? Share the secret!

  2. Oh good, I was worried about more food mediocrity.

  3. What happened to the Morocean place ?
    Sayre Dixon was touting Media's most diverse food selections yet it seems like pizza and burgers prevails again

    1. Why can't we have some sort of independent place open that puts some real effort into their food? Or something like a Frankford Hall if it is going to owned by the same boring local chain?

    2. @Philly Phoodie: We can. It just takes vision, financing, a viable business plan, available location, permits, staffing and talent. Customers help also :) If you have all (or most) of those things, go for it!

    3. If you are going to need all those anyway, can it at least be unique or good? So tired of the same old in this town.

  4. I think having a couple of new, open air options will be nice. I'm surprised Jocelyn's has made it this long without a refresh.

    Even if the war memorials aren't moved, I hope the town council seizes the opportunity to enhance their experience. They're a vitally important cultural touchpoint that needs prominent exposure for maximum community engagement. If a proposed relocation isn't better than the current one, than they should stay put. Either way, more effort should be given to maintaining their grounds at the level they deserve.