Sunday, March 11, 2018

Tempers flare outside of Trader Joe's as political party solicits signatures for petitions

Things became a bit tense on Saturday on the sidewalk outside of Trader Joe's as signatures were being solicited for political candidates.  I received complaints that the size and position of the solicitors were making passage on the walkway challenging, along with blocking the entrance to the Veteran's Museum.  After a pedestrian requesting the group to move, which led to the threat of police assistance and a complaint from the Veteran's Museum, one of the volunteers angrily called the pedestrian "scum of the earth."

Don't politicize Media's Trader Joe's!


  1. Tedman------ Please stop the "FAKE News". This is impossible everyone knows.....When they go low we go the Democrat's motto.

  2. Did the solictors have a permit ?

  3. How is asking for signatures to get candidates on the ballot a problem? They only sought registered Democratic voters. If you weren't a registered Democrat, then you just had to say no.

    1. If you solicit to the public you need to obtain a permit that's all do what you want but get a permit

  4. My interaction:
    “Are you a registered Democrat?”
    “Thank you”

    I actually asked on the way out what they were asking for. As a independent I wish I could vote in the primaries.

  5. I always thought it was the goal to have people running for office and soliciting signatures. No?