Saturday, April 7, 2018

Media Borough concedes communication problems between the police, EMS, council and residents/taxpayers

Based on the agenda of the March 22, 2018 Public Safety meeting, Media Borough concedes there is a communication problem.  It goes on to specifically state, "there are gaps in our communications between the borough, the police and the fire/EMS organizations, council, and the residents/taxpayers."  If the Public Safety committee actually has to have this as the first agenda item, it's probably a lot worse than portrayed.

First item on March 22nd Public Safety Meeting agenda

Lisa Johnson has been a councilwoman for over four years and there are still "Gaps" in communication.....on Public Safety?  Maybe it has something to do with a mayor who doesn't even show up prepared? If you can't effectively communicate, you certainly can't lead a municipality.  #troubling


  1. The borough has a sign up if you happen to drop off a check on second floor borough offices i will not stamp your payment received- the tax collector will mail you a receipt
    Never got a receipt seems there good at taking money but not having the courtesy to mail you a receipt
    Also major residential construction projects start without proper permits posted and letters mailed to adjacent residents not good - not good administration by media borough I would suggest with this mayor and staff that any interaction you have with them to consult a lawyer

    1. After posting this I received a call from someone else who is having a similar tax receipt problem. I'll do some research on this.



    2. Hi Tedman~ I am the Media Borough Tax Collector. If you like to reach out, please send me an email to learn more at and we can chat.
      All receipts were mailed out to those who provided a self-stamped addressed envelope, as instructed on the 2018 Bill. These instructions have not changed from the year before. The administrative staff is not bonded, so by law they are not able to collect money and stamp "paid" on a receipt. Stamping the receipt "received" pretty much means nothing.
      Following both the PA Tax Law and Tax Manuel only the bonded, Tax Collector or deputy can collect monies. We did mail out receipts to anyone who showed up at the office to pay during non-office hours and did not schedule an appointment to help with the transition.
      I have received calls rom residents who did not receive a receipt that I had mailed out. I either emailed them a receipt or dropped off to residents who do not use email. Pretty simple! Those who have not received one or did not send the second copy of the bill can email or call me.
      Feel free to reach out to


    3. In previous years the admin assistant
      Would stamp the second copy received
      While meaningless it gave you something to prove it was dropped off in capable hands and the cancelled check would be the receipt not so this year no stamp no receipt simple but different then previous

    4. Katey,

      Thanks for introducing yourself and reaching out to set the record straight. I think a lot of people weren't aware of the change and perhaps a new(er) process. The only announcement of the change I found was in borough minutes that a lot of people have a hard time finding.

      I reached out to the person that contacted me and shared your information. I'll direct others to do so as well.

      If there's anything I can do help with "Tax Collecting" awareness, process FAQs, etc, please let me know.

      Thank you for your service.


    5. Indeed checked last years boro tax stub that was dropped off at second floor office it was stamped PAID Robert Dimond tax collector by the boro admin she was nice enough no even make a copy of the stamped stub no stamp this year and no receipt mailed as the sign indicated
      Not a big deal but it seems that the admin shouldn't be stamping as our new tax collector points out

    6. Tedman, Thank You! More seems to get done on your blog than anywhere else in town.

      Daily Reader

  2. These people can't get anything right. The joke's really on us.

  3. These gaps must have been going on for years. Each person on council has been on there for at least two years.

    1. Perception is reality and it seems the borough does whatever it wants
      At the expense of residents

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  5. These govt workers need to
    Understand the view from taxpayers
    The behavior exhibited from these local gov't officials and council people wouldn't be tolerated in the private sector