Sunday, April 8, 2018

Riddle Ale House to Close after 56 years in business. Thanks for the memories

The Riddle Ale House has been family owned and operated since 1962, however, the rumors over the last year that it would be closing appear to be accurate.  The restaurant known for its prime rib-roast beef will be ending a long career as one of Middletown's cherished watering holes.

From a historical perspective, there have been quite a few family restaurants that have closed or changed owners in the last 3 years.  Unfortunately, we'll have to add the Riddle Ale House to the list.

Created in 2015

There's a show planned for April 21st.

I'm told this is the final Riddle Ale House 
BLOW OUT Bash on April 27th!


  1. You need to proof read your posts... "one of Middletown'cherishedrieshed" or not post when you are drunk! ;-)

  2. can someone please give us a closing date, I know the last show is the 21st, but is that the last night for the restaurant too? please be more specific,

  3. when is the actual close? I know the last show is the 27th of April, is that the closing of the restaurant entirely, please be more specific

  4. People die and their kids/spouses/kin like to cash in. Nothing new

  5. What is happening with all the photographs?
    May we have one of War Admiral for our Grandchildren.
    We grew up on that street.