Friday, May 11, 2018

Mayor McMahon and Media Borough Council Members sued in Federal Court for alleged retaliation against Broomall Lake County Club

After Mayor Bob McMahon and Media Borough Council were found in contempt of court, holding scant rezoning meetings and allowing a crucial $650k grant needed for Third St bridge repair to expire; it's now come to a federal lawsuit being filed against them. article: Country club sues Media over rezoning proposal
“In retaliation against the club for filing its petition to hold the Borough of Media in contempt, the (defendants) … have refused to take action necessary in order to complete the repair of the dam and West Third Street as it crosses over the dam,” according to the complaint.


  1. Hey Hey Ho Ho


    has to GO!!!!!!!

  2. The Media Boro Tyranny continues. Allegations of alleged "retaliation" by this council, let alone should they be found guilty, will have people motivated for change.


  3. Change all of them please

  4. Media borough employees a grant writer
    What does this person do day to day
    Why couldn't she apply for the 650 k grant
    As Brian Hall would say governor wolf and media borough should have commonality of interests last please have them look at what media borough paid Brian hall for his contempt of court award

  5. This is the same group of council members who think the borough should charge residents for a 5 gallon bucket to compost food scraps when you can do it in your backyard for free there priorities are obviously not in order I hope the lawsuit clearly lays out what media borough has been spending of taxpayer money to stop the project

  6. This is why term limits are necessary for the mayororial position in media borough
    This agenda of stopping the 3rd street bridge project has gone on too long
    And at what price tag to media taxpayers?

  7. So maybe, just maybe, the unscrupulous tactics and corrupt politics of this council (and councils gone before) will finally be accountable for their actions! Between the zoning and refusing to move forward with the bridge (since 2011!!!) it is very clear that council is intentionally haranguing the owners of this privately owned land. Didn't our forefathers grant rights against the taking of the land by the government? This is as clear an illustration as I've ever seen of misplaced and egregious overreach of power by our elected officials. The residents of Media (and Upper Prov!) deserve better.

  8. Wow this is going to cost the residents of Media a lot of money!

  9. Have pretty mulched supported and applauded the Dems in Media.
    Even on a national level..but this is an absolute disgrace that the West end gang and their council henchmen want a no traffic neighborhood and ARE harassing BLSC .of which I am NOT a member..pretty sad when this uber liberal chastises them..ultimate pompous act..

  10. I hope would Jeff Smith distances himself from this group as this whole debacle doesn't make him look good all this happening under his watch and Mcmayons as well

  11. Is their Solicitor going to represent Media in this matter? Is he spread a little thin with his other duties at other numerous municipalities throughout Delco?

  12. FOIA their emails. I think only two of them use borough council emails exclusively. Imagine the stuff you might find out on them. Unless they bring in Hillary's goons and they whitewash them all

  13. Residents take note when you deal with the borough in any capacity The arrogance is always on display especially if your an average joe and work for a living the pocket park meeting was just one of many examples where Brian Hall threatened to have the police remove a resident, The resident got no notification of the meeting that could and will directly effect the value of his property

  14. This is where media borough focuses an inordinate amount of time and resources
    So past and present council and mayors can
    Have a park like setting if the borough got the grant, what additional monies would borough taxpayers be responsible for to return this to a two way street ?
    How much money has the borough of media
    Spent on lawyers and engineers to tell there side of the story ?

  15. To date Media has spent over 500 thousand..........

    1. Wow we could have two more pocket parks for 500 k
      What did the borough spend on the olive street garage repairs ?