Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Meandering around Media, PA

Meandering around Media, PA "Stroll around town and keep your eyes peeled for history. The Minshall House, at least 200 years old, is believed to be the oldest house still standing in Media. At the Delaware County Court House, a plaque commemorates a 1984 campaign stop by President Ronald Reagan."


  1. Meandering around town saw the kitchen harvest truck picking up food scraps
    Didn't look like many participants but who knows if they're different callection days
    Seems rather pricey at $200 per year

    1. It's a pilot program to see if it's a feasible option for media residents. If it works, then it can be implemented on a larger scale. There are many people on a waiting list to participate.

      My understanding is that the whole thing would reduce the weekly trash pickups to once/week, thus reducing costs to the borough. All in addition to being better for the environment.

      My sister lives in Oregon - she said their non-green (that is, non-recyclable, non-compostable) trash pickup is only once/month. This is really the norm out west.

    2. Seeks to expemsive cutting trash pickup to once a week ? And then pay additional money to pickup food scraps
      Might be best to compost in your backyard where it take ls up little space and it's free

    3. Will the borough of media then kindly compensate residents for once per week trash pickup

    4. I don't know whether the borough plans to charge residents for picking up compost. My understanding is that it could be revenue neutral. And people may not want to compost in their backyard, if they don't want to attract vermin.

  2. Minshall House very interesting. Dates to early 1760's, while Pennsylvania still a colony. Not enough people visit it. Go!