Thursday, August 16, 2018

Apparently no one listens to Mayor McMahon, so why is he mayor?!

If the "banner-gate" saga involving the neglected Third Street Bridge wasn't humorous enough over the last few weeks, it reached new heights yesterday (literally) as one was towed by a plane over last night's dining under the starts event.

The delivery has been clever, the message to "Fix the Bridge" clear, but the fault lies squarely at the feet of Media Borough Council and Mayor McMahon.  This issue has found them: in Contempt of Court, losing a $650k grant and as of late; named in a federal lawsuit.  Each one a non-electable offense let alone three! Ironically, Mayor McMahon was asked about the banner and complained that it wasn't his fault and no one listens to him on council, except for maybe one person.  If no one is listening to you Bob McMahon, then WHY are you the mayor overseeing this town?

Now that Orange Street is out of commission due to the county parking garage being deemed structurally inefficient, residents bare the brunt of less access why residential development continues at a record pace.  Orange Street is expected to be closed for months, with someone close to the matter saying it might be a lot longer than that.

Remember when politicians were held accountable and didn't need 
airplane banners to draw attention to important issues?


  1. Classic the mayor staff can't even do their job's where is JeffSmith who is Jeff Smith
    Why due we never hear from him ? He really runs the borough and therefore is too blame for all the out of control and out of compliance development also please inform the public what we paid Brian Hall to argue the case for media borough - is he or was he qualified to do so ? Last please inform the public who is responsible for the mayor and council members legal bills for the upcoming federal law suit launched against the mayor and council members Lisa johnson , Amy Johnson, Williamson, and Dixon et al I
    One would hope media taxpayers aren't funding this ?!!!

  2. Keep up the good work of calling out the
    Media Borough 3rd street bridge dam farce
    The mayor seems to have become just a figure head but nobody listens to you why is this ?

  3. How many more chances is Amy Johnson going to get with attempting to run a farmers market? The latest re-try is a disaster.

  4. He is mayor because everyone knows it's a free for all with this guy in charge

  5. That council better get their a$$es in gear with fixing that bridge - the more they delay the stronger the federal case gets, but they are too stupid and/or arrogant to believe that. Who is their lawyer - Elle Woods?

  6. Typical democract, once called out plays the victim card. Get’em outta here!

  7. How is Orange Street, and collapse of County garage, his fault?

    1. No but it will likely be back in service before 3rd street !

  8. Who is paying the mayors legal bill when he in the federal case being brought against him and council members ?