Friday, November 30, 2018

"Delaware County's risk assessment on the Mariner East 2 and Adelphia pipelines is complete and it found that people are more likely to die from fatal traffic accidents, house fires or stair falls than from a pipeline accident."


  1. So, what, a couple people who happen to be democratic-sided speak out against building a pipeline through our community and all of a sudden the republicans have to team up in support of it?

    This is so stupid, I don't think people's main concern is literally dying in a pipeline accident, it's construction/maintenance impacts, health impacts, environmental impacts, property value impacts. Saying the fatality rate is lower than vehicle crashes is not news, that's one of the most dangerous things out there, the fact that it may be on the same order of magnitude is scary and actually surprising.

    The difference is people NEED to use motor vehicles, live in houses, and climb stairs. People don't NEED giant corporations to build pipelines through their homes/parks/towns. This appears to assume an equivalence. "Having someone punch you in the face less likely to be fatal than traffic accidents" ...okay, but I have other concerns that should probably be discussed...

    1. Absolutely agreed. Also, the risk of a fatality from a single automobile accident is of a very different nature than the risk from a catastrophic leak from this NGL pipeline. While the numbers of incidents from pipeline accidents are low compared to auto accidents, the fatality numbers are much higher. You average all this out and it is actually quite frightening when you consider how frequently auto accidents do occur. Everyone knows about a fatal auto accident or house fire. For Pete's sake, we just had a house fire fatality in Media in the past week. Add in the additional impacts as the previous commenter mentioned, and it's a stupid, unnecessary risk for the sake of Sunoco selling a high-risk product that has absolutely nothing to do with our utilities - it's for making plastic overseas. Come on. Fracking is ruining our environment and putting us at risk for what? Can't we come up with better manufacturing jobs for people than this?

    2. Well said! I also thought it was worth underscoring that the purpose of the pipeline is for export. Virtually no benefit for the communities it impacts, except in the skewed sense that it "creates jobs" under the desperate conditions imposed by corporate capitalism. We could create jobs that address social needs, but not if we wait for the mega-corporation to deem it profitable.

  2. I'll give you a big 'yes, but.....' in accordance with the previous posts here, the individuals and groups who have vehemently decried this have all taken the stance that the pipeline is dangerous to neighbors, dangerous to children and they are the ones positioning this as a significant risk or danger to life and limb, not as you folks here have as only a corporate industrialist making profit. Don't change your argument for convenience, pick a side and stick to it.

  3. Media borough did a fine job of naming a number for their silence on the ME2 project
    350 k they said show me the money and indeed the big corporation delivered bravo