Friday, November 2, 2018

Economy boosted by strong numbers across the board.


  1. The economy has been boosted by deficit spending, which is effective, though I don't agree with the Republican method: handing the wealthiest a wad of cash and hoping they will use it productively. Our government could have borrowed to invest in necessary infrastructure upgrades, which would have created good jobs -- not merely "jobs" -- while paving the way to a 21st century economy that is powered by something other than smog. Of course, this implies a role for the government in investment decisions that would be deemed "socialist" by those committed to production standards developed in the 1800s.

  2. The Main Stream Media are downplaying the stellar economy, so they know it's due to Trump's good economic policies. Main Stream Media has been EXPOSED to unprecedented levels. Enemy of the people.

    1. What on earth is this nonsense from Anon 11/5 @ 1:50?