Saturday, November 3, 2018

Voters Want to Know: If Kristin Seale is a co-sponsor that established the Delco Chapter of Democratic Socialists, why isn't she running as one?


  1. Quinn supporters; all scare / no substance.

  2. I have to say, the highlighted portion of this Wiki page sounds an awful lot like how the Republican Party are describing Seale, which makes me skeptical of its authenticity. I don't know many modern women that would describe themselves as "Marxist" -- especially as a way of distinguishing themselves within a socialist organization. I Google-searched it and couldn't find any other matches for "Kristin Seale" and "Marx" or "Marxist." So maybe a Republican felt inspired to edit the Wiki. I mention this only as a point of interest for myself, not because I feel Seale needs to be defended against being a "Marxist." It just sounds contrived.

    In any event, it will be interesting to see if this obsessive focus on Seale's commitment to social equity will have an impact on anyone outside the PA GOP. "Socialist" isn't the pejorative it used to be, apparently, since they are winning elections. And Bernie Sanders was basically the second choice for many Trump voters.

  3. Just like in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Soviet Union when opportunist Communist politicians rebranded themselves and they became, magically, politicians who said they supported democracy. The current day Left in the U.S. lies routinely telling the voters what they want to hear because at this point, radical left and Socialist agendas would scare the average voter away - no borders, no property, no gender! Long live the Comintern!

  4. Don't have a dog in the fight either way but "Key wiki" isn't a reputable website. Feel free to check it out here: . Make an argument all you want for why you disagree with her policies but stop pushing this crap. If your intention is to discredit, you are having the opposite effect.

  5. As a formerly proud Media Democrat, our family will not be voting for socialism. The Media Democrats have sadly lost their way.

    1. I smell a rat. This comment stinks of lies.