Wednesday, December 12, 2018

New Restaurant Set to Open on State Street

Indian Restaurant Mint Cuisine set to open on State Street.  This will be in in the site formerly occupied by Table 11.

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  1. Was coming out of Deal's when I saw Mint Cuisine was open. I'd read about it here on ATM, but didn't know it had opened. In fact, they just opened today - Monday, Dec. 17th. So, I stopped in and ordered take out. Am I glad I did! The place is immaculate with ample seating, and the staff is young, bright, and friendly. The food was fantastic with the perfect balance of being tandoor tasty and wonderfully flavorful, but not overpoweringly spicy. And the prices were great. They hit a home run with me on the first pitch. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. Hope ATM readers will give this new restaurant a warm hometown welcome.