Monday, March 18, 2019

The solicitation process of approval in Media needs to be better vetted


  1. One of the Democratic candidates last year came by and knocked on my door and I have a no soliciting sign! I am fine with you dropping lit but if you knock on my door it's an absolute deal breaker.

    I opened my door and she told me her name. I went from voting straight dem before that encounter to voting for a Republican. Don't knock when it says NO SOLICITING. I feel better now.

    1. That's never going to stop.

    2. I had the same experience. I have a no solicitation sign but Michael Straw ignored it and wanted me to sign his petition. I told him get out and find real work. He left in a huff.

  2. The fee collected doesn't seem like it's worth the risk to residents
    What is the fee to get a solictors permit in media borough. Especially the people aren't vetted properly