Saturday, September 21, 2019

This week's Borough Council meeting

This week's Borough Council meeting:

At last night's meeting Borough Council discussed many issues. Keep Media Green spoke about their Green Walk in the public comments. Next, Borough Council candidate Michael Straw for Borough Council asked questions regarding the possibility of having a draft of a chicken ordinance prepared for the next CDC meeting. He also asked for an update for the Olive St. Parking Garage and he suggested the idea of making Media Borough a Bird Town. Council President Hall, stated that it was a great idea that Michael Straw brought up. Other residents brought forward issues concerning the 3rd Street Bridge/Dam project and Media Arts Council updates.
After public comment Mayor McMahon presented a proclamation making it Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Media. Finally, in Council business a few major topics were passed unanimously. Including, mass gathering permits for the Fire Company's Fundraiser (Oct. 5th) and Open Streets (Sept. 28th) and some zoning issues.


  1. Hey hey ho ho Paul Robinson has got to go! Hey hey ho ho Brian Hall has got to go!

  2. Didn't council vote for a draft of a chicken ordinance?

    1. YES!!!! Sad they don't do anything.

  3. Can Hall be any more condescending?