Friday, November 1, 2019

Christine M. Flowers "There is something concerning about a stranger placing his very weighty thumb on the scales of a local state race where he will not bear the consequences."


  1. This again? Copeland's, along with the rest of the county-wide GOP's, internal polls must look HORRIBLE. As if there aren't GOP dark money groups pumping in more than twice as much money AND doing so without the honesty to have their names associated with it. Add in Christine's deluded FOP anti-Krasner / anti-Soros lies, and you've got quite the witch's brew of stupidity, dishonesty, and cowardice.

    1. More like the Democrats are going to lose.

  2. It’s not a lie that Krasner is letting criminals go free and does not respect the rights of victims in Philadelphia. It's not a lie that he does not respect police.

  3. Well there anon 11/3/19 @ 5:59PM...........somebody lost.