Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Middletown Township undergoing big changes.

I couldn't believe the vastness of the former Franklin Mint site until I drove by it a few weeks ago. Development is happening as far as the eye can see.  WOW!  

I hope to get up there in the coming weeks to photograph and write about the unprecedented changes.  Looks like the Septa R3 line out to Wawa is coming along too. 


  1. Truly amazing. I like good and smart growth but I am hoping this is the last expansion for awhile. We need to preserve more open space.

    1. Then purchase some open space and preserve it. This wasn't open space anyway. It was a vacant manufacturing facility and parking lot.

  2. Anonymous 1:53 PM is wrong. The VAST majority of the land that is being developed at that sight WAS open land (woods, large grassy areas). It IS true that he portion of the project depicted in the picture held buildings and parking lots. Anonymous 1:53 PM, try to see the bigger picture and not just what is presented to you on this blog or by the news. Critical thought is what you need, not a jump-to-conclusions criticism based on tidbits you see in the news.

  3. I drove by it today for the first time in a while. Good to see the ugly old Franklin Mint building gone. I actually pulled over to try to take it all in, it is hard to grasp the enormity of the project(s).