Thursday, April 15, 2010

Media Borough Council, I have a question about the budget increase

Media Community:

Linked is the agenda for tonight’s Media Borough Council Meeting.  If you’re unable to make it, you can watch it on both Comcast (channel 10) and Verizon (channel 42 ).

In addition, they will accept emailed questions sent to, which will be answered at the end of the meeting.

As a concerned member of the community and an email I will be submitting;  I’m interested to know the following:

How has the Police Protection Budget for 2010 have a 2% increase from 2009, when two full-time dispatchers were outsourced in 2009 to the county for 911 services? 

Police Protection is now 44% of the WHOLE Operating Budget with 16 full-time officers.


  1. Hmmm, didn't know that!

  2. Well, if it is only 2%, they are going to claim inflation and leave it at that. Where does the money go from the thousands of little yellow tickets I see all over everyones car?

  3. Think about this people . . . When staffing is downsized, those budgeted salaries go down & the cost associated with those two positions are removed (benifits like insurance) HOWEVER, the budgeted costs to maintain the rest of the staff (salary increases, rising insurance costs, etc.) does not remain a constant, these costs rise, that's part of why you can still have a 2% increase in the overall PD budget.

    One might also look closely at the PD budget. Are there other expenses budgeted for the new year that weren't there last year?? Like a new vehicle or other needed supplies?? I don't know, I have not studied the budget. However, when I run for Council as an I & not an D or R, I WILL do my homework on matters such as the budget in order to vote & serve as an imformed elected official which not all our current Councilmembers are.

  4. I look forward to voting for "anonymous" for council when the next election comes around, is it this november?

    I will vote for anonymous strictly on its platform of tormenting scientologists the way it did in 2007 and 2008, the youtube videos are hilarious.

  5. As a forty year resident my family has never felt safer. We lived here when crime was rampant! I say hire more cops and give them a raise. God Bless our Officers.