Thursday, April 15, 2010

SeeClickFix: Media : 252

UPDATE: Per tonight's Borough Council meeting, Councilman Jim Cunningham addressed this exact issue and stated PennDot and Media Borough Hwy Dept. are looking into this and working towards resolve.

SeeClickFix: Media : 252 & Baltimore Pike

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  1. Potholes...hmmmm...I spilled coffee on my dress shirt coming out of Starbucks the other day. It is a bumpy ride, especially since this past winter. However, I will be like the Media Theatre defenders and blame the Republicans.

  2. Maybe you missed the fact that the guy who controls PENNDOT's budget is a Democrat!

  3. OK, where do I go to complain about the Rt 252 entrance into the Starbucks/Quizno's? Ever make a turn from Baltimore Pike onto 252N and get stuck in a long line of traffic pushing out into the intersection because some moron wants to make a left through two lanes of traffic (Rt 252 South, Left turn onto Baltimore Pike) just to get his or her Grande Frappachino?