Thursday, April 15, 2010

Media getting a Farmers Market

A few minutes ago Boro Council voted in favor of a farmers market that'll be on State St near the theatre....more info to come.

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  1. If this farmers market creates a logjam on Gayley Street where parking for Pinocchio's pickups are essentially non-existant, I'm gonna lose it. Everyone parks illegally on Gayley because there's no adequate parking to begin with, so with the little parking available adise the theatre, its going to get much worse. This block has so many blinkers on in the evening you think it's Christmas season all year long!

  2. Well, since they will be taking business away from Trader Joes, Benjamins, Selene, and ACME...maybe they will take those parking spaces away too.

  3. marky-mark, i think the market hours are 3-7 only on Thursday. There is plenty of parking from Gayley to Radnor on State Street, and on east/west streets.
    and here's a tip - when we pick up pizza at appolo or litle anthony's we drop of the guy with the $$ at the door and wait up the block then pick him up when ready. OH and if parking right next to the door is an issue, maybe you can try delivery instead of pick-up.
    Bottom line - I think we need to listen to the residents and give this a chance.

  4. Hey anon, thanks for the useless tip that goes nowhere, since you don't get out of your import, waiting for Paco to come out with the goods, you
    must not be able to see that THERES NOWHERE TO PARK IN THIS AREA. should I repeat it for you or do you want to deny this resident's words of funky truth based on many evenings of personal experience? Wake the
    frig up and get over your false sense of sunshine and farts. Or are you one of those pricks with an obnoxious sense of over-entitlement that will never get it? Come on come on, feel the vibrations!

  5. Bottom line, parking is an issue EVERYWHERE in Media Borough (3/4 sq. mi. town!) and always will be. I can't think of a single spot in Media where people wouldn't complain about parking being a problem for a proposed event. I am, BTW, in favor of a Farmer's Market and know it will be a huge plus for the town and its residents. We are talking about a few hours 1x/week, with only about a dozen stands. Think about how it must have sounded when Super Sunday, the Food Fest or any other mass gathering in Media were first proposed! Somehow those events seem to work out without parking problems having snuffed them out. Let's give this a chance before we complain about parking issues.

  6. marky mark....why are you so angry at life? Relax brother