Friday, May 7, 2010

Middletown Community Pride Day, Saturday May 8th 11am to 4pm

Middletown Community Pride Day
Saturday May 8th 11am to 4pm
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  1. Hey Ted, how come Media doesn't do something like this??? You know, something FOR the residents who actually call the town home & not for the masses, those "everybody's" who call it Hometown Media!!

    Maybe the P&R Brd could plan an event like Middletown does to bring the Community, Businesses & Government together to celebrate OUR vibrancy & hometown pride and let everybody else stay home in whichever of the other 48 Delco communities is their hometowns for the day & let us Media Hometown tax paying folks celebrate OUR Hometown Media.

    Yes, yes, I understand the economic & social importance of all the items on our Calendar of Events, I'd just like to see more outdoor events for residents only & when we do have events like outdoor Movie Nights, let's have a modest charge for folks comming from outside our boundaries. We can be welcoming w/o giving everythng away.

  2. Anon,

    Thanks for the post. I think Media Pride day would be a GREAT Idea. Let me know what you're thinking, I'd get behind it and know others would too.