Tuesday, May 11, 2010

allthingsmediapa.com, gettting things done.

Thanks for your readership, comments and ideas.  This week I received a comment by a Media resident requesting that a recycling bin be placed at Barrall Field.  This is not only a great idea, but a prime example of GETTING THINGS DONE.  Councilman, Jim Cunningham has taken up the cause and will be addressing the issue.

If there are issues in Media you find not getting the needed attention, please feel free to reach out to allthingsmediapa.com


  1. There is one issue I would like to see resolved or at least improved in our city, and that is the issue of littering.

    We have a beautiful community with unique shops, bars and restaurants. We also have gorgeous brick sidewalks that are absolutely covered with cigarette butts. It is so unappealing and frankly it looks trashy. I find it to be incredibly disturbing that smokers choose not to use the proper disposal units and instead throw their trash on the ground.

    We have a wonderful small town and community, and it absolutely burns me to see some residents and visitors so disrespect it with no consequence.

  2. K, thanks for the post. Media has an Environmental Advisory Council that takes up issues such as these. Former Councilman, Brian Hall also had an effort that specifically addressed cigarette butts on State St. I'll look into seeing where these groups are with clean-up and prevention.

    In addition, I'll contact I'll notify Boro Council of the issue in order to have it addressed.