Monday, May 24, 2010

Ariano's Wood Oven Pizza is opening soon in Media!

It's been a long time coming; almost what seems like three years, but it looks like the Fellini's owned restaurant located on the coner or Olive St. and Baker St. may be opening soon.  It'll be called Ariano's and serve authentic wood oven pizza and freshly made gelato.  As an added benefit, which everyone seems to love, it'll be BYOB too!   If Fellini's on State St. is any indication of what Media can expect, this should be a hit.

 Inside the new Ariano's Wood Oven Pizza Restaurant

From what I can see through the windows the inside looks amazing.  With the tables and equipment already setup, this place could open any day.  It would be great to see it open for Memorial Day Weekend.


  1. Finally! Thanks for answering my question so quickly! (under the Benjamin's thread)

  2. Fellini's is a gem up on State St.
    Looking forward to this new site's opening.
    Best of luck to the owner/operators.
    Our family will be stopping in for a taste of Italia!

  3. Unlike Coldstone which came & went, maybe this business will be the competition that motivates O'Malley's to clean up & reinvest in their business. One can only hope!!!

  4. any... day now.... ::pangs of hunger::