Monday, May 3, 2010

Lansdowne Has a Very Popular Farmer's Market, I Hope Media's is Similar

Based on last month’s borough council meeting, Media’s Farmer’s market is expected to begin operation sometime during the mid/late May time frame.  Honestly, I’ve not heard anything regarding the setup, vendors, guidelines, who can participate, etc.  I would think the Committee for the Farmer’s market would have at least a website or promotional material explaining the market in detail…….as it is just two/three weeks out.  Perhaps they do and I’ve just not seen it. 

Most of Media Borough Council didn’t seem to think the operational details/recommendations were important.  Based on their general response of “…I think it’s a good idea,” I don’t even think they took the time to  really care.  However, one town that I feel got this right was Lansdowne here in Delaware County.  They not only have a  very popular and thriving farmer’s market, but a very detailed and well thought out website that really describes everything from how to participate, who can participate, volunteers, musicians and even where to find bathrooms.

As I’ve said before, I support the Farmer’s Market and look forward to its opening. I hope they create or have a website like Lansdowne’s so more residents can understand what it is and help with its success.  And, No, I don’t think for those who’ve asked,  it’s the type of farmer’s market where you can buy/sell fireworks.

 Lansdowne's Farmer's Market

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    i can't wait, i think this will be a great thing for Media!