Sunday, May 2, 2010

Video of Media's Super Sunday

YouTube Video

A great turn-out for Media's Super Sunday


  1. I'll take a peaceful Super Sunday over the pot-infuzed, armpit-order-eminating fair trade concert anytime of the year.

  2. It's ironic that Media claims to be a Fair Trade town, but yet vendors at this weekend's Super Sunday are selling knock-off D&G handbags, counterfeit sunglasses and clothing which I doubt would pass Fair Trade standards. Stopping, or even reducing these sales would go a lot further towards helping fair trade, than selling poorly displayed chocolates at local businesses.

    Sadly, there is no limit to the people who take credit for Fair Trade and relish in the press it generates, but when hard decisions need to be made, such as what I would consider an issue at Super Sunday, no one says a word.